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  1. Hi Al,
    long time no hear
    just hopped by to check my favorite blog :)
    I luv this new – is it new? – design
    especially the teal backgroud
    and still luv your writing style of course

    so how’s life?
    hope everythings OK


  2. hi fahrie,
    yes, it has been a long time. life is OK. thanks for visiting my blog again :)

  3. Hi! We were browsing through Google Images and chanced upon your lovely photo of lighted wicker balls (filename lightlight-300×225). I think this from a blog entry from May 2010. We would like to seek permission (and a high-resolution file, if possible) to use this photo for an event invitation and possibly some print advertisements — we will of course, aptly give credit to this blog in our press releases and print materials. We can also promote this blog through our Facebook Fan Page, which currently has over 4,000 followers locally and in other countries.

    Hope to hear from you soon through my e-mail: I would also like to this opportunity to compliment you on your wonderful blog!

    P.S.: You may learn more about our brand through our website: We are also on Facebook:


    Marvi Agbulos, Senior Marketing Manager of Kultura Filipino (a retailer of uniquely Filipino products in the Philippines

  4. Halo Alaya,

    My comment now is more related to my needs hehehe.. do you happen to know any good interior and landscape designer? Saya baru pindah ke rumah sendiri dan mau desain taman di halaman belakang rumah (belum ada rumput sama sekali dst) kemudian juga butuh input dari orang yang jago desain interior buat pemilihan gorden, kursi, meja dll. Sorry to ask this to you as I feel you have many friends who are working as creative team, but I might be wrong. If that’s the case, please simply ignore this message ya :)


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