sometimes ago, i saw on twitter about 100 happiness.
here are some of mine

jingga’s face when she’s sleeping
having a flexible working hours and don’t have to come to the office everyday
cooking for my family
seeing the husband and jingga laughing together
the smell of green tea soap
travel to see new places
comments on my blog
taking beautiful photos
having my articles published
jingga’s bath time
spending time with my nieces
small outdoor wedding
chocolate and vanila ice cream with choco chips and oreo
anything with good design
rain at night

i’ll add more later.
what are yours?

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  1. mine are mira’s sleeping smile, chocolate, and cooking time.
    alaya punya akun twitter? Usernya boleh tau? *siap follow* :)

  2. reading good books, watching good movies, having a long chat with best friends & sipping a cup of caramel tea ..:)

  3. ikut seneng aku bacanya al, jd kpikiran buat bikin list kyak gini juga :D

    iya, aku juga seneng klo ada yg komen di postinganku :P
    dan juga bunga matahari, sayang aku blon berhasil menumbuhkan bunga matahari yg gede, masih ada sih al bijinya, tp kmaren sempet nyemai ga berhasil juga, nunggu bener2 panas mo nyoba lagi :D

  4. It’s been a while since the last time I visited your blog :-)
    Just wanna thank you for your book recommendation on “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” – its great! Can’t wait to read the other two, have you?

    Kiss kiss for Jingga, I wish I have mine like her too :-)

  5. gerandis: ayo bikin list juga! ;)
    biji bunga matahari masih ada tapi udah expired, jadi kalau coba ditanam ga bisa tumbuh lagi :(

    de2via: yes, i read all 3 books. tapi yg paling suka yg pertama :)
    good luck for the baby, i’m sure you’ll have one soon…

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