during the end of my third semester pregnancy, i walked a lot. everyday. early in the morning and in the afternoon.

i don’t live in the new organize neighborhood. it’s just a neigborhood that grows by itself, creating a messy houses, streets, and little alleys. since i work everyday and always drive to work, i never really pay attention to the routes other that i usually take.

but when i was walking, everything is so different. i always took small alleys to avoid the roads with speeding cars. no, there’s no pavement along those roads with cars. the little alleys are full of tiny houses with lots of people. some of them just sit in front of their houses, said hi to me or gave comments on my huge belly.

once i passes a little house that garden was full of pandan plant. i always sort of pandan when cooking kolak or bubur kacang hijau. and the owner of the house gave me some of their pandan plant, so i can plant them in our garden! how often you meet a friendly stranger in your life?

some photos taken by the husband during the morning walk.

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  1. kehidupan digang2 kecil memang unik dan buatku menyenangkan ;-) btw, gimana tanaman pandannya Al? mesti dilengkapi daun suji sekalian…hehehe

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