i’m having 1 week of christmas and new year holiday. it’s nice to finally spend time at home after going everyday to the office. the baby due date is early february, i will spend time preparing for it.

making a baby wish list
it’s not i ask people to buy me present, but some people are clueless what to buy and end up buying the cutest little thing we don’t need or already have. i remember my sister got a pile of items she didn’t want as present. so i think wish list is good for the giver and the recipient.

wash the baby clothes
baby clothes are oh-so-cute and i want to keep buying! i think i should stop since i have already more than enough. and baby clothes don’t last long. every few months it will change sizes.

do more work out
working in the office makes me sit too much. not good for third semester of pregnancy. i will use the holiday to do more swimming, yoga, walking, etc.

making a baby memory book
i haven’t start anything about this one. instead of buying one, i probably will make my own.

do maternity photo
i’ve never interested in pre wedding photo (and didn’t do it) but really excited with maternity photo. having a body like this is (maybe) once in a lifetime experiece. i hope i still have time before the due date.

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  1. yeah, me too didnt too interest in prewed, and the idea of maternity photo is more make sense, to give a nice souvenir to our child later on when we tell her/him about when s/he is still in the womb… :)

  2. de2via: agree :)

    hani: memang ga di-share disini. link untuk baby wish list dikasi kalau ada yg minta aja :p

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