the blog is getting booooring…
so here are some random updates:

i’m on my 32 weeks. yes, i’m HUGE now. and get tired easily.

i’m doing yoga, swimming, walking and pregnancy gym class.

i can shop for the baby now! this is the most fun part. all baby stuffs are oh-so-cute! who are the designer behind all of these stuffs??

since i get tired easily, it takes me soooo long reading a book. i’m reading the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest.

i watched babies. the documentary. i really enjoyed looking at those babies in different part of the world.

no travelling

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  1. hahahaha iya, blog kamu kyaknya jd jarang update skr :D
    tp yg penting sehat kan al, wuih udah gede ya, 8 bulanan, udah latihan prosedur melahirkan dong ya :)
    semoga semuanya lancar!

  2. wah Al ga kerasa udah 8 bulan. due datenya kapan? happy shopping Al, akhir tahun gini lagi banjir diskon khan :-)

  3. Have u enrolled urself to any breastfeeding class organized by AIMI (
    I think every new mom-to-be need to join one. Breastfeeding Basics and Breastfeeding Tips for Working Moms will suit you :)

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