small outdoor wedding. manado. ciumbuleuit. moving from the apartment. birthday in macau old town. delay in hongkong airport for 12 hours. stay overnight in changi. two red lines. new adventour with big tummy. bali surprise trip. getting big and bigger.

happy 1st wedding anniversary

nov 29, 2009 – nov 29, 2010

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  1. wah, udah setaun ya…cepet banget, gak kerasa!
    semoga akan terus menjadi keluarga yg saling cinta, menyayangi, dan peduli!

    wih, pasti udah ga sabar ya al, nungguin baby lahir :D

  2. riana, mizzantie, pimpi, thank you :)

    mizzantie: congrats to you too. for the wedding and the baby :)

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