i’m watching project runway season 8 & 7. i know it’s a few months late for season 7, but i didn’t realize it’s twice a year.

after finishing season 8, i started watching season 7 today. one thing really attracted my attention, i love the color of the girl’s apartment in atlas new york. the rooms have combination of lime and grey, designed by katherine abiad de luca. i ‘m not sure if the colors will be stressful or calming instead.

too bad i just painted the house a few months ago, i still have to wait until i can try those colors.

anyone love to watch project runway too?

images taken from here.

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  1. HUGE fan of PR! Although, I actually need to do some catching up!

    I love the lime colors! I think it would be more energetic rather than calming, but with the right accent colors, definitely won’t create stress~

    I love that pillow!

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