i was blogwalking around some design blogs, when i stumbled into the photo of a stair from decor8′s trip to marrakesh. and of course, i instantly fell in love the the painting on the risers of the stair. each have different pattern and they’re hand painted!

i have a similar stair at home and inspired to paint the risers too. but still too afraid that it won’t look as gorgeous as the one in the photo.

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  1. coba aja dulu di kertas trus ditempelin, klo kliatan bagus baru diterusin gambarnya, kyaknya lucu klo warna-warni :)

  2. Uh, I’ve been lusting over these stair case, Al!

    Cantik yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I think it’s a low risk project to take. Plus, there are many stencils out there to make it easy! Plus, Plys, kalo ngga suka, tinggal repaint aja :)

  3. perez: iya nih pengen coba2

    starlet: i’m thinking about stencils too! nanti deh mau cari bahan2nya dulu ;)

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