this is what i got from my last trip to bali: a window mirror!

i was going to buy a mosaic mirror in tegalalang, ubud, but couldn’t find the color i like. when we passed desa mas (still in ubud) i found a shop selling all kind of window mirrors.

actually i had been to that shop years ago, when i was still living in bali. but at that time i got a bigger mirror with carving. then i hate the carving because it collected dust. i hope this one will be easier to clean.

ps: thanks to hubby for carrying the heavy mirror all the way to jakarta

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  1. alow al..long time no see your blog…keilangan banyak good story of u,ampe gak nyadar u already get meried ya :p haha
    now,i back to u’r big fans again :) loved to blog walking here again :p

  2. nofi: welcome back :)

    perez: pengennya sih warnanya lebih tua dari itu, tapi adanya cuma itu :)

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