nasi ayam kadewatan ibu mangku in kadewatan, ubud never fails to make me come back again and again. the portion is generous, cheap, delicious and we had one of the best lemon juice we ever tried.

to get there from ubud main road, go west until you find intersection at the end of the main road then turn right. the warung is not far from the intersection, on the right hand side. there are several nasi ayam kadewatan warung but ibu mangku is the original one.

i heard they have branch now in seminyak area, somewhere across bora-bora villa not far from seminyak square. but i’ve never been there.

update: a friend told me they also have another branch in denpasar. in renon area.

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  1. Kalo ke desa Kedawetan lagi cobain nasi ayam bu Mardhika deh, lokasinya deket bu Mangku juga. Menurut gw sih lebih mantab daripada bu Mangku, garang asemnya enak & lebih pedes :)

  2. thanks for visiting, jenz. i’m a fan of your blog.
    never been to ibu mardhika. will try it on next trip ;)

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