i thought during my pregnancy, travel will be cross out of my life. but i was wrong. i had this bussiness trip i couldn’t get away from. and suddenly, i was in bali a few days ago.

bali is like a home for me. it always calls me back. and there’s an excited feeling everytime i come back.

i haven’t been to bali for more than 2 years. i was surprised to see the big changes along seminyak and sunset road area. less rice fields and more stylish building now. and the traffic jam! it’s more and more like jakarta.

everytime i visit bali, i accidentally bump into someone i know.

there was ubud writers and readers festival in ubud. but i only passed the venue on a rainy day.

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  1. leen: thank you :)

    valdy: yes, we hope that too ;)

    aetna: iya di daerah by pass gitu malah macet ya :(

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