i’m 4.5 months pregnant now. probably this is one of the reason i got lazier writing on my blog.

yesterday, i bought ayahbunda magazine september 2010 issues with gentle birth story of dewi lestari and reza gunawan. i felt better after reading the article.

delivering baby is a natural process and should be less scary. they were through the pregnancy and delivering process with only 2 doctor visit and almost no medication. and they did it at home without any other people’s help. of course they had some consultation with a midwife who had done the process before. but at the end the midwife didn’t make it and they did the whole process themseves.

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  1. Congrats on ur pregnancy :)
    I agree with the statement that giving birth is a natural process, but abt 10-15% of the process may need some medical attention. I think it’s better to have the process attended by a health care provider, to prevent the complication of 10-15% event.
    It may reduce the number of neonatal mortality rate and maternal mortality rate (Indonesia is the highest among ASEAN countries).
    Pls also check http://www.aimi-asi.org on early initiation on breastfeeding, breastfeeding exclusively.

  2. as your loyal reader, im so happy for you alayaaaa :)
    gilaaa yaa…baca blog ini dr jaman alaya masih single, gawe dibali and now you are a preggy lady…congratulasyiiiooong :)

  3. wow wow wow… so you get big belly now? ahahaha…. selamat ya Al! semoga sehat selalu. selamat menikmati kehamilan… krn nanti kalau sdh lahir pasti kangen… hehehe….

  4. don’t worry, enjoy aja al..
    capek n degdegan sih pasti.. tp kl udah lahir pasti langsung kebayar semuanya…hehehe take care ya, mogamoga lancar semuanya ;D

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sending you all the beautiful blessings of pregnancy and birth that we had. May it truly be gentle, sacred and whole.

    Feel free to ask questions if you like thru email or twitter. Will be happy to support natural childbirth.

    PS: have you read the complete PDF version of the interview? it is 3 times longer than the printed one.

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