this morning, i met the cat,  starring at us from the front terrace. the black spot on her face looks like a mask, so we named her ‘kucing bertopeng’.

probably she’s the same cat as this one.

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  1. ah al….kamu sungguh menginspirasiku! aq pengen update blog dg hal2 menarik yg aq tamuin, dan cuman nulis dikit kata tapi meaningfull kayak kamu :)

  2. Imut banget si bertopeng. I have 2 cats now: Coco & Chanel. So I can understand how entertaining cats can be, even with such small gesture.

    And you snapped a great pic!!

  3. iiih kucingnya lucu bangeett!, mbak itu mau kasih tau, widginya udah buka bisa liat lewat ada alamat fbnya :) dadaaah..

  4. starlet: i wanna see coco & chanel :)

    gina: i love your widgi, i’ll post in my blog later ;)

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