i know, i don’t update my blog as often as before. but thanks for those who keep coming back here.

i finished reading the zookeeper’s wife a few weeks ago (yes, it has been weeks, but too lazy to write it here).

before i read the book, i didn’t know that it’s a non-fiction. just because i don’t usually read review of books before i read the book :mrgreen: but the book was ok. it didn’t hurt me as much as the midnight children.

the set was in warsaw, poland during the german occupation in world war II. i’ve been reading too much desperate book about the nazi thing. i think i should get more interesting book with set in other part of the world.

my next reading: cutting for stone by abraham verghese

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  1. :) iya….sejak nikah malah jd jarang update :)

    bdw, biji yg lu kasih udah ada yg tumbuh, udah aq email ya fotonya :)

  2. sering2 posting dong mbak, biar ga kuciwa kalo buka blog mbak setiap hari, setiap pagi, hehe :-8

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