visited bukan bazaar last weekend. i always love craft market. the place where you can find unique stuffs with the price doesn’t make you cry. it was a small bazaar. i wish it was bigger with more things to sell. i love looking at each booth one by one. if i didn’t see the bored look in hubby’s face, i want to spend the whole day there! :mrgreen:

since i’m a bag freak, i bought a bag from sheila d and some stuff from kamar. i have an excuse buying another bag, because i can use it for my lunch boxes. too bad i didn’t take any pictures there.

after the fun shopping, we had lunch at koko bogana. i didn’t know this place exist before! it’s a place where you can have all kind of traditional rice cuisine. i’ve never heard some of the cuisine’s name. they presented the meal wrapped in banana leaf. love it! and to make the situation better, all the prices of are below rp 20.000.

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  1. guw juga suka craft :D
    bdw biji bunga mataharinya udah ada yg kusemai, n udah ada yg numbuh :)
    guw berharap bgd mereka bisa survive

  2. perez: good luck ya :)

    riana: di jl. cipaku, dibelakang pasar santa, kebayoran baru. agak ga keliatan gitu sih dari jalan soalnya lebih mirip rumah.

  3. aaahh that place. suka lewat kalo makan sate padang uda ramon di pasar santa. tapi belom pernah nyobain. trimakasih reviewnya, Al. jadi kepengen nyobaa..

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