i read so many good books lately. i know, having a baby means i almost have no time for anything at all. but i still can read e-books during the endless breastfeeding.

this is where i leave you

it’s a funny book. and i like it right away. then i found out it turned into a movie. and yes, i watched the movie after reading the book. it took me a few days to watch the movie since it’s harder to squeeze time for movie. the movie was a flop. the book is much better.

the dressmaker of khair khana

ok. this is more serious book. from a true story set in afghanistan during the taliban rule. kamila sidiqi supported the life of her family and the women in her neighborhood by making dresses. and of course this is a secret bussiness because women was prohibited to work by the taliban.

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  1. i’m impressed! how are you still able to read books while having a newborn plus a toddler AND husband (and job eventhough i assume you’re on leave?)?? wow! i didn’t read for the first year after i had my 2nd, and up until now only able to read occassionally. how?!

  2. yoreney: while breastfeeding, one arm is for holding the baby and the other arm for the ipad.

    nis: iya nih anak ke-2. makasih ya :) i didn’t know you’re still reading my blog

  3. I’ve read the Dressmaker of Khair Khana and love it. I also feel a bit surprised that even in the hard time during Taliban occupation, the order of sewing new dresses were still a lot :)

  4. Baru aja beli buku ini, dengan alasan shallow: sampulnya bagus hahahah, eh ternyata dirimu sudah baca :D

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