still about jingga’s 4th bday.

for the cakes, as requested by jingga, she wanted tinkerbell, periwinkle and rosetta cake.

for the goody bags, i made some bag tags. the boxes are made of tin with stickers i made myself. inside the boxes i added a few snacks.

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  1. Happiest birthday to Jingga!
    cant believe she’s 4 already :)
    been reading your blog siince you’re single and now you are mother of a 4years old!
    time indeed walking so frikking fast :) )

  2. happy b’day jingga. kalo tante ga dapet undangannya, dapet goody bag-nya juga nggak apa2…hahaha *ngarep dot com*

  3. jessie,
    kuenya ga bikin sendiri, pesan. goody bag bikin sendiri

    makasih tante :)

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