inspired from here, i tried to regrow the vegetables from scraps.

my first attempt with pokchoy failed. the veggie rot. and then i tried again with caisim. the caisim i got has some roots. i placed it directly in the ground and so far it grows. slowly.

wish me luck with the planting. i’m not sure i have green thumb but i’ll keep trying.

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  1. when you have veg scraps, put in shallow water (the bottom part) until it grows some roots. then transfer to a pot of soil. this works with most vegetables, onions and potato.

  2. al…request daun mint Al…:))
    gw kepikiran daripada beli seiikat makenya jarang terus busuk mending nanam sendiri kayaknya ya…

  3. yoreney: yes. i saw that in one of the website too :) thanks

    kiky: pernah coba mint tapi kok ga tumbuh ya. malah busuk di tanah :( tapi mau coba lagi!

    hani: nanas ada! tapi harus nunggu 3 tahun baru berbuah (ga sabar) wortel belum pernah coba

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