we’re following the healthy lifestyle by consuming smoothies daily. it’s easy to make and i just put all fruits and vegetables in there. even the ones i don’t like such as papaya and banana.

and i started enjoying the making of it. everyday i imagine what color my smoothie will be. i try to get fruit locally, from seller passing in front of our house. but for vegetable i try to get the organic one (except if it can be peeled).

here some smoothies i have made. see more in my instagram.

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  1. ngikutin tantangannya simple green smoothie nggak? seru tuh, resepnya juga asyik2. sayang aku bolos gara2 harus ke sumbawa. kaya’nya mesti punya blender tangan nih biar gampang ditenteng kemana2…hehehe

  2. ga ikut tantangan soalnya kalo lagi travel jadi bolos bikin smoothie :p

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