i have skipped inacraft for a few years. but this year, i decided to come again.

i knew the traffic and the parking would be suck. since i had plenty of time, i browsed transjakarta map and found out i only need to change bus once to get there. the bus stop is walking distance from my house. this would beĀ  kind of adventure since the last time i took transjakarta bus is more than 4 years ago.

from the bus stop there to the exhibition building was very closed. i took me less than 5 min to walk. and it was a good decision not to drive there since the parking was stuck.

i visited each booth in the exhibition until my legs were tired. but i was happy. i didn’t buy a lot of thing. but it was worth it to visit it again after years.

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  1. temenku ikutan pameran. produknya sprei, bantal, dll. seru ya liat pameran kaya’ inacraft. penuh inspirasi :-)

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