bunaken is an island, north of sulawesi, but we didn’t visited the island, only the marine park

my last snorkeling trip was probably in krakatau, about 2 years ago, so i was very excited about this one.

it took only 5-10 minutes from our hotel to bunaken marine park by speed boat.

the underwater life in bunaken is well preserved. compare to other places i had been, the people are more strict about the conservation

but derawan is still my favorite underwater life. i met awesome creatures that i don’t find in other places.

there’s an island with a mountain called manado tua. it’s a favorite for sunset silhouette photo. too bad my sunset photo was not too successful .

we wanted to see tarsius, the tiny mammals can only be found in north sulawesi, living on trees. but they live on the other side of the island and we don’t have enough time to visit them.

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