my mom is here. we spent last weekend at novotel hotel in bogor. having been to bogor often, i didn’t know this hotel exists before. the hotel was awesome. more resort like. and they have so many kids facilities there. the grass lawn is big, with tall old trees. and of course, the kids had fun there.

it was raining when we planned to swim. but the room has a big outdoor bathtub. and all the 5 kids can fit there. busy with jingga, i didn’t take many pictures there. but we really enjoy our stay there. maybe we’ll go back there again one day.

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  1. masak Al baru tau? duluuuuu….. (bukan lebay emang bener dah lama banget hahahha) jaman gw masih kuliah, pernah nginep disini naik sepeda sama adek2x gw foto2x gitu di lapangan rumput…perumahannya masih sepiiiii banget…
    sekarang dah padat ya kalo ngga salah….?

  2. hani: anaknya kecil2 rata2 3 tahun ke bawah. dan bathtubnya besar yang dibuat dari batu gitu.

    kiky: hehehe gue tau sih ada hotel ini. tapi gue nyangka aja tempatnya bagus walaupun hotelnya udah lama.
    iya sekarang rumah2nya udah banyak tapi belum padat sih, masih sepi aja.

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