i found out that my hotel is walking distance to singapore botanic garden. i’ve been planning to walk there but i always get back from work after dark. but last week i could got back earlier than usual. i walked to the garden just based on my memory how to get there. i didn’t have map with me and my mobile didn’t have internet connection.

i was lost. it was a long walk for jakarta standard. and i walked uphill. i just used my sense to get back to the hotel. but instead of going back to the hotel, i found the botanical garden! i tried to get nassim gate but i arrived at tanglin gate. it was a very nice garden. much cleaner and neater than the bogor one. i only walked up until the swan lake because it was almost dark. i saw many children playing. it really reminded me of jingga. i miss her a lot. i wish i can take her there one day.

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  1. gw juga suka banget garden ini…sempet bela2xin lari di sini malah waktu short visit ke SG anak2x nunggu gw di danau…heheheheh

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