just some random things:

i spend more and more time in singapore and leave jingga more. there’s always this pinch of guilt whenever i have to leave her.

back from vacation i got 3 mountains of dirty laundry, the maid didn’t return and jingga was sick.

i feel theĀ  aircon in singapore is extremly cold. maybe i’m the only one because i see other people are fine with it.

the purple suitcase is one of the best buy. i put documents, laptop and all the heavy stuff in it. it reduces the weight of my tote bag and avoid back pain.

i need to make kabocha cake again. got 2 kabochas at home waiting for me.

jingga had 3 flights from the last vacation. the last 2 flights, she felt asleep.

i’m still reading the night circus. i enjoyed reading the book but i only have time reading it during my weekly trip.

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