i spent a lot of my time traveling but i don’t have my own suitcase. i always borrow from my sister, my late dad or my husband.

a few weeks ago, i visited travel fair (or suitcase fair?) in one of the mall. i was just there to look around. then i foundĀ  a suitcase that i like. with discount price! too bad they don’t have the orange one, but i’m happy with this purple.

this is a cabin bag size. i’m not that patient waiting for suitcase in the baggage claim (it took forever in sukarno hatta). it’s better if i can take my suitcase to the cabin.

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  1. Looks like we bought luggage at the same shop! Metro Pondok Indah ya? :) )
    Bought the same brand with yours,but mine is the large one! Enough for a family trip :p

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