another food posting.
i’m into baking so much lately. and this is my first pizza. not really the first because when i was a kid, i used to cook together with my late dad for fun. and pizza was one of our favorite food to cook.

jingga refused to eat rice and wanted the pizza instead. yay! i’ll make it again.

the recipe is from here.

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  1. itu di post udah ditambah link ke resepnya.
    good luck for the pizza making ;)

  2. Hebat al, bisa bikin pizza juga. kapaan ya punya oven…

    kalo Mira sebaliknya, lebih doyan nasi daripada jenis roti. anak Indonesia sekaleee.. :D

  3. atta: ini masih belajar bikinnya :D

    linda: jingga angin2an nih. kadang sukanya nasi kadang yang lainnya.

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