i’ve been breastfeeding jingga for more than a year now.

every time i’m on my business travel, i always carry the pumped breastmilk with me. if i stay overnight, i put the breastmilk in the baggage inside the coolbox with lots of ice pack. the milk with be safe for about 24 hours.

but most of the time i have one day trip only, so i put the coolbox inside the bag that i carry into the cabin. according to the new regulation, this is allowed. but 90% of airport staff doesn’t know about this. i printed the new regulation and have it with me all the time just in case they don’t let me pass with the milk.

i usually fill each bottle less than 100 ml as the limit of liquid regulation. i declare i have breastmilk with me. some let me pass, some want to check inside my coolbox. their next question usually, “where’s the baby?.” so far they always let me pass, even some of them told me not to do this again. but i keep doing it.

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  1. thanks for the link of the new regulation ayala, now I do not need to worry for travelling without my baby (kecuali untuk urusan kejar setoran :( )

  2. Al, besok gw jg rencananya mau ke Spore. I’ve printed the docs you linked above. Will that be enough? Perlu surat dari DSA jg ga sih kalau gw lagi menyusui? Malas dicek-cek waktu sampai di Changinya..

  3. qq: you’re welcome

    sita: ga perlu surat dari dsa. santai aja. mereka paling minta coolboxnya dibuka untuk buktiin beneran isinya asi. setelah itu boleh lewat kok.
    kalau kebetulan ketemu petugas yg baik sih lewat2 aja tanpa diperiksa :)

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