on one of the trip to singapore, i came too early to the airport. i decided to take the earlier flight. i arrived a few hours before the meeting. after browsing what to do while waiting, i went to mint museum of toys. a walking distance from my meeting place.

i thought it would me a big building with outdoor area, but it turned out to be a narrow shop house, almost invisible from the street. most of the collection are toys from the old times. i’m not sure the children nowadays recognize them. some of them reminded me of my childhood.

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  1. hey! i bumped into your blog today and found it really cute. love your writing! anyway i’ve been to MINT too and found it very nostalgic. and yes i also almost missed it out because it seemed more like a small cafe/store than a museum. keep writing and have a good one! say hi to jingga she seems like a cutie pie :)

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