i changed my mind when i said a visit from the goon squad was not really good. after reading the whole book, i turned to love it!

it’s a collection of short stories that have connection to each other but can be read separately. the theme of the stories is about music industry and around it. i don’t love all of the stories but what i love the most is when the stories tell about the future.

20 years from now when…

no wonder the book won pulitzer prize.




and i finished reading partikel  by dee in a day. i’m not a fast reader and i still had to take care jingga and did my work in between. the book didn’t let me down.

it’s a still as great as the previous supernovas. i love the theme about human and nature. and the mystery part hold me from stop reading the book. and the traveling! moving from bogor to kalimantan to london to african countries and south america.

now i can’t wait for the next one. i hope i don’t have to wait for another 8 years.

ps: i lost my supernova 2: akar. i was still living in bali when a friend borrowed it and i never get it back :(

now reading: guns, germs and steel – jared diamond

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