people changes, including me.

no one (including me) would ever think that i would cook almost everyday. yes, i bring lunch from home almost everyday now.

i have to wake up early in the morning to do some (easy) cooking, but i don’t mind. i love doing it. i explore recipes and try new things. of course it doesn’t always turn out well.  sometimes they’re just too poisonous to be eaten. but i learn a lot.

then i realized. i save a lot of money by bringing my own lunch. maybe i can do more travel by keep doing this :mrgreen:

here is the new lunch bag i got from hubby.  it has some vintage drawing with some thai letters on it.

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  1. Terus share resepnya ya mbak, terutama yang simple.
    Pengen jg nih travelling dari sisa duit makan diluar. :-)

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