since i started to travel frequently again, here are some random things about the traveling:

indonesian doesn’t have to fill the immigration form anymore. save more paper and faster immigration line! yay!

since years ago, i never take or fill the custom form. i have nothing to declare and the immigration staff never ask about it anyway.

still a mystery for me: the baggage claim in changi is very fast but in CKG airport is extremly slooooow. it takes 30 minutes just to get your suitcases! blah…

comfortable shoes are very important. my foot wounded several times just because i wore the wrong shoes.

most favorite things from the travel: SQ’s hot towel, changi airport foot massage machine, green tea frappuccino with cream on top.

least favorite thing from the travel: away from jingga.

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  1. Al, pernah bawa ASIP ga when traveling? Minggu depan mau ke Spore, takut ASIPnya disita pas di bagian pemeriksaan..

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