i’ve been wanting to create a garland for jingga’s room. one night, when jingga was already asleep and i’ve done all the work for that day, i began to make the garland. i just used all the things i have at home.

the green pattern paper was bought in tobucil more than a year ago, the pink pattern paper was from jingga’s birthday last month and the orange paper was probably from the wedding day. i used wool thread for the string. and after drawing the letters one by one, it’s finally done.

when i was drawing the letters, i kept thinking why oh why i gave my kid a long spelling name. 6 letters. why not just simple 3 or 4 letters. but hey, longer garland looks better.

i hang the garland by the window. since it’s against the daylight, it’s only can be seen during the night, when we turn on the room’s light.

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