jingga is one year old now. a little toddler. not a baby anymore.

a few days ago, we took her for her 1 year check up. she cried after the vaccination shots. but then the cry stop after i hugged her and showed her the picture of animals on the wallpaper.

she has been healthy for the whole year. she has never been sick that i need to give her any medicine. she’s a happy toddler but cry every time i have to go and leave her at home.

keep happy and healthy, jingga.

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  1. linda: pernah panas setelah imunisasi. tapi cuma sekali trus panasnya cuma beberapa jam setelah itu hilang.
    pernah panas juga waktu tumbuh gigi. tapi juga cuma sebentar trus hilang sendiri :)

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