i haven’t been to bandung for almost 2 years. it’s just too long. bandung is home. bandung is the city where i grew up, so i miss visiting it so much.

at the beginning of the week we visited the city for 3 days trip. this is the first time for jingga to be in bandung. she was happy, she was all smile, being in a new place.

it was raining when we arrived in bandung. and yes, it was cold. i thought it was aircon. but it was bandung’s natural cold. i almost forgot about the cold fresh bandung’s air.

we had great time there. good food. shopping. we even passed my childhood house. after 3 days, we returned to jakarta. we will definitely visit bandung again and again.

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  1. ooow.. i missed bandung too. i’ve lived there for 7 years. now it’s almost 9 years since i left. :’(

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