i started working from home since jingga was born. at the beginning i borrowed an old laptop from the office for working. and every time i need to print something, i have to run to the nearest snappy.

after a while, i can afford to buy things i need for my work, a laptop, a scanner and a printer. i have a little corner in the room for working. jingga has to stay away from here since she will make a mess on everything :mrgreen:

now i need to decorate the corner :)

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  1. kasih wallpaper motif warna cerah aja mak, biar semangat (tp bakal ngundang jingga nyamper melulu yak, hihi), hehehehe. trus di pojokan bikin corner shelves gt buat stationery. Ih seru deh. Someday pgn jg pny working corner di rumah, amin amin hehehehe

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