to get to hongkong, we booked viva macau. but the airline stopped flying a few weeks before our departure date! we switched plan and took jetstar & air asia instead.

hongkong was COLD! we checked the weather before we got there, but still it was colder than we imagined.

we spent one night in macau. i love macau! the old town is lovely. the feeling is very european. it remainded me of spain, maybe it’s more like portugal but i’ve never been to portugal.

all signages in macau are in chinese and portuguese.

we visited the venetian. it wasn’t too interesting for me.

you can use hongkong $ in macau with the same rate.

our hotels were booked via agoda.

on one cold day, we climbed up to victoria’s peak to see hongkong from an altitude. it was even colder up there! it was weekend and the tram to get up there was over crowded. we didn’t get the sunset. but the view was still breathtaking.

causeway bay on sunday was full of indonesian.

our flight to get home was delayed for 12 hours!

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  1. kalau tidak keberatan, share juga donk budgetnya untuk trip ini berapa …hotel/naik kereta/ tiket masuk satu point of interest…

  2. kiki: budgetnya ga gue catet sedetail itu :p but this is backpacking trip. we took budget airline, didn’t stay in luxurious hotels and use mtr/buses to get around.

    gadis: thanks for coming back :)

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