our office just moved to a new location, somewhere on the outskirt of jakarta. the distance from my home to the old office and to the new office is almost the same, but it’s much faster to get to the new office. 20 minutes only! compare to the old office that took 45 min – 1 hour of driving. i don’t have to go to the office everyday, but still, nobody like to be stuck in traffic jam.

it’s more like kampung area in the surrounding. food and everything is cheaper here. and one more bonus, here’s the view from our office’s windows.

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  1. Enak banget pemandangan dari kantornya hijau menyejukkan hati gituu! Love it. Hope you, Jingga, and her father are doing great.

    Btw, gw baru dapet email dari lo dan kayanya spam deh. Better check :)

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