i’ve been ignoring this blog for so long with typical reason, too busy with jingga and work.

here are some random update:

jingga can crawl since a few weeks ago. and yes, i have to follow her around.

i had another trip to singapore. this time i had to stay overnight :( . it was the longest i’ve ever been away from jingga. but everything was just fine :)

there are times, jingga refuses to eat. i’ve tried with other food etc, but she just doesn’t want to eat :(

jingga got her first allergic! it was cheese. i’ll postponed to try other dairy on her such as yoghurt.

and just turn out, they’re all about jingga. that’s all my life now :mrgreen:

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  1. betul al, setahun pertama rasanya full buat anak. nanti kalo udah lewat setahun biasanya mulai kangen ngerjakan hobby. nanti setelah setahun biasanya durasi tidurnya waktu malem udah lebih lama, jadi bisa curi2 waktu internetan atau baca buku, in my case sih ;)

  2. hihihihi namanya juga anak pertama *sotoy*
    mungkin jingga mo numbuh gigi, jadi gak nyaman ngunyahnya trus jd males makan *sotoy lagi*

  3. linda: mudah2an setelah setahun bisa lebih santai ya :)

    gerandis: iya nih, giginya ga tumbuh2 :p

    f3r1n4: hehehe, abis waktunya juga habis sama anak :)

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