i’m back to singapore
this is fate.

the previous project was done 2 years ago. then a lot of things happened: i got maried, pregnant then have jingga. a week before i went back to the office i got an offer to work from home. of course i was excited. i can spend most of my times with jingga. but i was a bit worried. the project was in china. i need at least 3-4 days to travel there. i couldn’t imagine leaving jingga that long.

but all of sudden my boss switched my project to singapore. this is much better since singapore is much closer. i can have only one day trip like the old times, so i don’t have to leave jingga too long.

and here i am, in changi. after a meeting.

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  1. Whoa! Good luck,Al..Jingga sudah mulai makan kan? :-)
    *ngga tergantung sepenuhnya sama ASI lg maksud gw*
    Kalo butuh anak buah kasih tau gw ya…*niat ke singapurnya aja* :p
    Btw…selamat lebaran…

  2. sikiky: iya udah mulai makan. tapi konsumsi ASInya sepertinya ga berkurang nih :D

    linda: ada nanny-nya. tapi kemarin kan lagi mudik tuh jadi di rumah sama ayah & oma :)

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