and yes, it really bloom yesterday. a pink waterlily.
only a little flower, but a big smile on my face.

i remember my trip to cambodia a few years ago. water lilies are everywhere there. even on the side of the road. but the most famous one of course the waterlilies on the pond by angkor wat.

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  1. aaaaaah, pengeeeeeen! aku iri padamu :D
    udah dari lama pengen banget punya teratai gini, lotus apalagi, tapi di jayapura gak ada yang jual bibitnya, tar ah, klo dah pindah jawa mo nanam juga ah…

  2. teratai one of my favorite flower. ga perlu perawatan, tumbuh sendiri.

    pengen punya lotus juga nih. tapi belum aja :D

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