i bought myself a set of decorating tip. i’m not sure i’m going to use them anytime¬† soon, but i just want to be ready when i have the time to decorate cupcakes :mrgreen:

anyone know how to make a good & easy icing for cupcakes?

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  1. gerandis: ayo bantuin :D

    yoreney: thanks for the info :) ada resep yg online aja ga? soalnya sekarang susah keluar rumah :D

  2. untuk resep online gw sering pake martha stewart (google aja) atau all recipes. all recipes ini gampang2, martha stewart agak ribet tapi worth it bgt. atau alternatively go to joyofbaking.com, dia gak specific cupcakes tapi banyak kue2 enak2 yg resepnya udh gw coba dan enak2.

  3. yoreney: gue juga suka ke martha stewart & allrecipes :) kalau joyofbaking.com baru mau cek ;)

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