i didn’t eat any raw food during the pregnancy. including sushi.
after jingga is old enough to be taken out, we took her to eat sushi. i mean she didn’t eat the sushi, she just came with us.
we ordered sushi like there’s no tomorrow. and yes, it still tasted as delicious as i can remember.

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  1. eh iya, sudah lama juga ga makan sushi. btw, kalo saya liat makanan ditata secantik ini jadi sayang mo dimakan :D

  2. You are so cute, Al! But I do understand very well how it is ordering and tasting a certain meal like there is no tomorrow ( indonesian dish is a luxury for me! )

  3. linda: karena itu difoto dulu sebelum dimakan karena bentuknya bagus :D

    starlet: and we finished them all! hehehe…

    gerandis: lemper juga enak. pengen lempeeeeer.

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