it has been a while since a write anything about books. my interest in reading has been decreasing. i don’t read books as much as before. during the maternity leave, i managed reading these 2 books: ranah 3 warna & padang bulan. yes, finally indonesian books.

actually i’m still reading padang bulan, and i love it. since maryamah karpov, andrea hirata’s writing becoming more into fantasy. i like the way he uses words and the story is unpredictable. and still it’s almost impossible not to cry reading some parts of the book .

and i kind of disappointed with ranah 3 warna. the story is just too ordinary. you know the ending by just reading it.

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  1. aku koq setelah baca laskar pelangi jd males baca lanjutannya ya…emang bagus ya al, jd pengen nyoba baca lagi…

  2. hehehe, beda2 selera kali ya.
    aku juga lebih suka maryamah karpov & yg ini dibanding laskar pelangi :)
    tapi ceritanya dari satu buku ke buku lain agak nyambung sih.

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