Monthly Archives: December 2016

and now we’re going to greenland.

when i read the synopsis of the north water, i doubted i will finish reading it. it’s not my type of story and theme. but the book was claimed to be one of the best of book of 2016, so i gave it a try.

the first couple pages of the book was so gloomy. it’s about whale hunting. funny thing the previous book i read, bajak laut dan purnama terakhir also mentioned about whale hunting. but as kept reading the book, the story got more and more interesting eventhough it’s still dark and gloomy. i imagined it’s something like in the movie the revenant.

next reading: secret daughter – shilpi somaya gouda

the books i read lately are depressing.
it’s probably a trend to create a depressing story to get an award.

when i got the latest book adhitya mulya, i was glad. finally. a funny story. a different theme from the rest of the book he wrote before. a history novel. and still made me laugh. my favorite part was when they revealed their undercover.

now move to africa.

the fishermen is a great book from the debut of chigozie abioma. the story set in 1990s in nigeria about some brothers, told by the fourth one. it’s tragic and some part of the story really scared me. but this is well written. and the story stayed in my mind.

once a while i read books from isabel allende. because it never dissapointed me.

but somehow, japanese lovers is not as good as her other books. it’s not bad at all, but not outstanding. maybe i like her telling stories from the past better than current time.