Monthly Archives: October 2016

me before you by jojo moyes is soooo popular. i was very curious about the story.

of course this is a good book, but not my type of story. i put down the book many times but keep reading it anyway.

and i just found out it’s already turned into a movie. i want want want to watch it!
here’s the trailer:


they sell the sleepy eyes wall decoration in instagram in wood version and wall sticker version. the dimension of the wood version was too small and i was afraid the wall sticker version will ruin the wall paint. while thinking which one i should get, i suddenly got an idea to just print it on thick paper.

i went to the nearest snappy and printed each eye on A4 size paper. just the size i wanted. and i use masking tape to stick them to the wall, so they won’t damage the wall.

voila! my DIY sleepy eyes for jingga’s room. anyone interested to get the drawing? just email me. i’ll send you for free. here’s my email:

in the shadow of the banyan – vaddey ratner

when i read the title, i thought the set of the book will be somewhere in india. but it was not. it was in cambodia. because i had been there, it’s more interesting for me.

the book was soooo heartbreaking. about the royal family during the khmer rouge regime. i hate wars. there shouldn’t be war anywhere at all.

when i was a kid. i loooove drawing. i spent hours just for drawing. such an introvert habit.

on the other side, jingga loves more into sport activities, such as swimming, dancing and just running around. but sometimes i need to keep her calm and put her on the desk to do something. and here they are: drawing, coloring and just working on her busy book.

remember this book?

it was published almost 10 years ago. we got a few offers to turned this book into movie but couldn’t find the one who could afford our term and condition.

and finally now we found it! this book will be turned into a movie.yay!

just wait. and be patient :D you’ll meet yusuf, retno, francis and farah in different form.