Monthly Archives: July 2015

a few days before idul fitri, i gave birth to a baby boy, binar. since this is my second baby, i was more relax and calm.

he’s almost 3 weeks old now, so far he’s happy and healthy.


i quitted reading no one belong here more than you. the book is not bad, but i wasn’t in the mood reading some weird short stories.

then, i read some great books. faster than i usually read. maybe because they’re e-books.

everything i never told you – celeste ng
a murder mystery of a teenager of a mix race family. it’s interesting of how someone reacted to the fate she got and affected other people. and yes, being a teenager is hard.

yellow crocus – laila ibrahim
a story about a white girl and her black slave. the plot is quite predictable and the story a bit too smooth to be true. but still it’s worth to read. especially if you’re interested in history.

now reading: orhan’s inheritance by aline ohanesian

it has been a while sinceĀ  i made oreo pudding. i used to make it often. all of sudden i wanted something sweet. and i have all the ingredient for oreo pudding.

this food never let me down. always successful to lift my mood up. and for the first time i used the huge rose silicon mold i owned since a year ago. i was afraid the shape of the pudding will be messy. but it turned out ok and not bad at all. next, i’ll try to bake cake in it.