Monthly Archives: May 2015

lately, i’m trying to make my smoothies look more beautiful by adding some fruit chunks on the top of instead of just swallowing the smoothies, we also need to chew.

and every few days i create some overnight oatmeal. not bad at all. and i love seeing the layers appear between the oatmeal and the smoothies.

last week was a hard week for me. my boss, my mentor who i had been working for almost 10 years, passed away.

it was a long journey. i moved from bali and started this new things to learn by experiencing the projects around the world.

the nam hai, vietnam (2005)
the club at the saujana, malaysia (2006)
the aman at the summer palace, china (2007)
capella, singapore (2008-2009)
capitol, singapore (2011-2013)

you will be missed. may you rest in peace.
here an article for the memory of him.


like most people these days, i wanted to try to make my own kue cubit.

after researched some recipes, i realized they’re just the same ingredient as pancakes batter. i used my usual pancake recipe and added rice chocolate on top. on my first attempt, the bottom part of kue cubit was burned! but after decreasing the heat of my cooking plate to the lowest level, my kue cubit was much better.