Monthly Archives: March 2015

i took jingga to watch cinderella last week. she wasn’t too crazy about the movie, but loooooove the short movie before it: frozen fever. and as an adult, i love it too :) it’s like meeting some old friends.

we met elsa, anna, kristoff and olaf again. they were celebrating anna’s birthday. but something was happening.

i’ve been abandoning my blog for a month!

maybe i just need to write more from the books i read. the lowland is excellent. just like other jhumpa lahiri’s books, it made me cried in a few parts. it’s more than a story of 2 brothers. it’s about a few generation of a family.

the next book i’m reading is dark places by gillian flynn. after stunned with gone girl, i’m curious reading her other books. this one is good too. but not as good as gone girl. i read it during my vacation in lombok. and i read it fast. about a family who were killed in the 80s. and 25 years later, the survived member of the family tried to solve mistery of the event.

i’ll look for her other book: sharp objects. but the title gives me shiver.