Monthly Archives: February 2015

after trying apple cake with ice cream from sepotong kue in pasar santa, i looked for apple cake recipe.

i found an easy one. fortunately, i had some apel malang at home (the imported apples are banned lately because of bacteria or something). apel malang is good because it’s cheaper and looks more natural compare the imported ones that can stay months without getting rotten.

and this is my first apple cake. it was yummy!

the book i’m reading: the lowland by jhumpa lahiri.

this is her latest work and i love jhumpa lahiri. no wonder i read all of her books. this one was a bit boring at the beginning pages. but later, as the story goes, it got more and more interesting.

the lowland is about two brothers, like most of her stories, about indian living in usa. one brother moved to usa and the other stayed behind.

still about jingga’s 4th bday.

for the cakes, as requested by jingga, she wanted tinkerbell, periwinkle and rosetta cake.

for the goody bags, i made some bag tags. the boxes are made of tin with stickers i made myself. inside the boxes i added a few snacks.

february, the month i need to prepare jingga’s birthday. it’s the most fun time of the year. i love kid’s birthday!

here’s the invitation, inspired from pinterest. the whole class ate lollypops after receiving the invitation :mrgreen:

it has been a while since i put jingga’s style to school here.

she’ll be in kindergarten next semester and wear uniform. there’ll be no (or less) style to school then.


my blog is mostly about books lately.

the next book i’m reading is the book of unknown americans by cristina henriquez. i decided to read this book after some good reviews.

it’s about some immigrants from different countries in south america, living in the same apartment building. the same language, spanish, united them. each character has their own background stories before moving into the building.