Monthly Archives: January 2015

i’m reading the husband’s secret by liane moriaty.

when i read the first few pages, i wasn’t interested to keep reading it, so i left it for about a month. but then i gave a second chance. and it turns to be a good book.

there are few stories which later connected to each other. i should keep reading to know more about this book…

after years of making pancakes and waffles, i tried a new way to cook it, inspired from here.

and the result was awesome. maybe because we were bored with the old styles. i added some chocolate chips and jingga loves it. she even asked to have more chocolate chips next time.

definitely with make this again!


I finally figured it out. It’s like when they realized it was gonna be too expensive to actually build cyborgs and robots. I mean, the costs of that were impossible. They decided to just let humans turn themselves into robots. That’s what’s going on right now. I mean, why not? They’re billions of us just laying around, not really doing anything. We don’t cost anything. We’re even pretty good at self-maintenance and reproducing constantly. And as it turns out, we’re already biologically programmed for our little cyborg upgrades. I read this thing the other day about how When you hear that ding on your inbox, you get like a dopamine rush in your brain. It’s like we’re being chemically rewarded for allowing ourselves to be brainwashed. How evil is that?


i still tries create wrapping with more effort by not just lazily used the pattern wrapping paper. but this is only working with box shaped presents. for the unusual shapes, i just don’t want take risk anymore.

most kids including jingga, loves chicken nugget. i tried making it often, but it’s the traditional recipe with minced chicken and bread crumb.

then i found this recipe. it’s interesting because it’s oven baked. and instead of using bread crumb, the outer coat uses the mixture of corn flakes + shredded cheese.

here’s the result from the recipe. tasted better than the usual i made.

still obsessed with tegel kunci. whenever i met one, i’ll take picture. here some i found lately.

at playhouse, pejaten.

at the entrance of ranch market at lotte shopping avenue

at bale soto, near gunawarman

after finish reading the unlikely pilgrimace of harold fry, i realized it is so much better book than i thought before. it’s not just walking to visit a a friend who was in the late stage of cancer. it’s much deeper than that. i made me stop a while and think about a lot of things. especially about family.

the next book i finished reading was the potrait in sepia by my favorite author, isabel allende. it’s tbe sequel of daughter of fortune that i read a few months ago. as always, i couldn’t stop reading allende’s books, so i finished it fast.